Dear friends and alumni of the General Aviation Awards Program:

As most of you know, after 15 years of involvement in the GA Awards Program, it’s time for Sandy and me to retire from the Program’s administrative duties effective at the end of September 2013. We leave the Program in very capable hands: National Awards winners John Teipen, Jim McDonald, and Paul New, along with Paul Burger (Paul also serves as the GAAwds Program Ambassador-at-Large), GAMA’s Kate Fraser, and the FAA’s Kevin Clover voluntarily serve on the Board of Directors. These individuals are dedicated to the continued success of the GA Awards Program.

The Program, however, needs the ongoing support and assistance of others.  I urge all of the friends and alumni to come together as a group to assist the Board throughout the year and during AirVenture to spread the workload while also growing the Program.

For example, the Board currently seeks passionate and dedicated volunteers to fill three positions: Team Leader, Events Coordinator, and PR / Communications Director.  A list of the various program job descriptions and task time lines is included below.  Please consider lending your considerable talents to give back to the Program.  Like Sandy and me, we know you want the GA Awards Program to grow and flourish as well.

As friends and alumni, you know firsthand the value and importance of this Program not only to our community of aviation professionals, but also to the health and safety of general aviation as a whole.  The Program needs you; please help the Board to keep it alive and well.  Spread the word to potential sponsors, offer assistance during AirVenture, form an active alumni association, and volunteer to help the Board today!

In closing, Sandy and I wish each and every one of you success and happiness.  It has been an honor and a privilege to get to know you, work with you, and serve you these many years.



JoAnn Hill

Director Emeritus
General Aviation Awards Program
Ph: 303-485-8136  /  C: 303-709-6862

“GA Awards: Industry & FAA Recognizing Excellence”


*  TEAM LEADER (open)
Initiate telecom meetings
Ensure tasks and timelines are being met
Set up awards presentation master of ceremonies (emcee)
Arrange photographer for AirVenture events
Order plaques with the FAA

Serve as EAA liaison
Pick up winners credentials, assemble packets, arrange pickup place
Affix name plates to perpetual GAAwds Plaque in museum
Assist chairman as needed

*  SECRETARY – Jim McDonald
Write and maintain minutes of meetings
Send meeting reminders
Send out email letters to winners & runners-up

*  TREASURER – Paul New
Receive and deposit checks
Keep financial records and reports
Pay bills
Reimburse winners for expenses (travel, hotels, rental car)

*  FUND RAISERS – Kate Fraser & Paul Burger  (Paul also serves as the GAAwds Program Ambassador-at-Large)
Contact previous and new industry sponsors & donors
Keep detailed records of companies, names, contact info, money amounts, gifts
Send thank-yous

Compose 500 word biographical articles for each winner
Send releases to media
Work with webmaster to post info and photos
Put together the Luncheon Program
Compose releases to announce winners, time to nominate, etc.

*  IT / VIDEOGRAPHER – John Teipen
Set up telecons, “go to Meeting”
Set up shared website with FAASTeam manager to post regional packets for judges
Prepare “This is your life” videos for the 4 winners

Arrange for FAA Safety Center as awards presentation venue
Communicate with FAA representative for the presentations
Arrange for the FAA plaques
Participate in board meetings
Gather regional winners electronic packets and post on website for judging

GA Awards Program Annual Timelines

June to 30 September
FPMs (FSDOs) accept nominations for all 4 awards

01 October
Deadline for nominations to FSDOs

10 to 15 November
FPMs (FSDOs) announce 4 local awards winners

15 November
FSDO winners’ packets due to Regional Offices – FAASTeam Mgrs

15 December
Team leader confirms judges

1 to 5 January
Regional FAA offices announce 4  winners from each region
Regional FAA offices send their winners’ packets  to Nat’l FAASTeam Mgr

15 January
PR/Com writes and sends out news release to announce winners from each region
IT/Video   posts regional winners (‘Finalists’) packets to a shared website
IT/Video  sends passwords sent to judges,  Team Leader and PR/Com

15 February
Judges send their  selections/ rankings  to Team Leader
Team leader determines the  National winners from rankings

16 to 28 February
Team leader  telephones the National winners and requests biographical info & photos  for press releases
Secretary  sends official email announcements to winners and the runners-up (regional winners)
PR/Com prepares a 500 word biographical article for each winner with photo

1 March
PR/Com prepares the official announcement of the national winners made by press releases to media.

Events Coord  contacts EAA for hotel reservations for the winners and makes arrangements  for AirVenture events
Winners make their airline & rental car reservations and report to Team Leader and Treasurer
Treasurer sends reimbursements for airfare  to winners

March through May
FundRaiser    solicits pledges from sponsors who send checks to Treasurer
FundRaiser solicits  gifts from  industry who send them to Whitman Field or hand carry to AirVenture
Treasurer  deposits checks and keeps records in addition to paying bills
Team leader  orders  FAA plaques with the FAASTeam.
Team  leader orders name plates for the perpetual plaque.

Winners  send their biographical info and 20 to 30 photos each  to the videographer to produce the “this is your life” videos for awards presentations

Ops Manager at Whitman Field accepts gifts sent from donors

Team leader sends email invitations to Awards Luncheon
Team leader prepares name badges for winners & guests
Team leader & PR/Com prepare Luncheon program & print

July               AirVenture schedule of events: (tasks shared by board members attending AirVenture)
1. pick up wrist bands, park passes, tickets, programs
2. prepare packets to be picked up by winners @ museum
3.put name plates on perpetual GAAwds plaque in museum
4.pick up golf cart
5. meet & greet winners and provide tours of grounds
6. collect donors’ gifts from on the grounds & Whitman Field ops manager
7. assist with people moving, reserved seats, video setup, etc  at FAA Safety Center
8. escort winners at to Luncheon
9. set up Luncheon (Thurs afternoon)
10. assist winners with gifts to cars or shipping center (on grounds)